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The free to join Patients Union mobile app is here to make the healthcare system more transparent, accessible, affordable, accountable and outcome-driven.
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The Voices Project

Patients are often forgotten in the Healthcare discourse. Their unheard voices never see the day of light. At IPU, we firmly believe that these 'Patient Voices' can help facilitate a major shift towards a patient driven healthcare. We bring to you unheard voices of Patients and Caregivers who face the ordeal of the healthcare system.

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Dr. Rajendra Pratap Gupta, PhD
International Patients' Union

The Founder’s Message

6th April 2024, New Delhi

Dear Patrons & Patient Champions,

On behalf of the International Patients’ Union (IPU), I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each of you for taking time on a weekend to attend the IPU Conference 2024. Your presence, valuable contributions, insights, and engagement mean a lot for moving the needle from a supplier-driven healthcare system to a need-based care system. Your presence has significantly enriched our discussions and understanding of the ground-level issues and will undoubtedly propel our mission forward. As the first movement of patients, your joining has strengthened our resolve.

I am excited to inform you about several innovative initiatives that are set to transform patient care and healthcare delivery.
  • We launched a new feature for rating doctors, hospitals, and government schemes, providing transparency and promoting excellence in healthcare services. So, you can share your views and rate the providers and government schemes through the Patients Union App that is available on both, Android and iOS.
  • We will provide authentic information about drugs through our tie-up with India’s premier institution, Bombay College of Pharmacy. You can post your queries on the app directly and the team at the Bombay College of Pharmacy will provide you with the desired information.
  • Recognizing patients’ pivotal role in healthcare, we will introduce a direct adverse drug reporting feature accessible through the Patients Union app over the next few weeks. This tool empowers patients to report adverse drug reactions directly to the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission, Government of India, facilitating a proactive approach to healthcare monitoring.
  • Free Consultations: Over the next few weeks, we will offer free teleconsultations in collaboration with the eSanjeevani platform, making healthcare more accessible to everyone.
  • We will launch ’The Voices Project’. All the patient videos will move to this project and if you are registered on the Patients Union app, you can share the videos with our team.
  • We also received a sponsorship to help needy patients, and are launching Project FAITH (Financial Assistance and Intervention for Treatment and Health). If you wish to support this initiative, please write to me at

I want to inform you that a comprehensive report based on our deliberations will be submitted to the NITI Aayog and the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). It will highlight the critical issues discussed and the collective insights gained during our conference.

We aim to give patients a ‘voice’ and the ‘power’, enabling them to be a formidable force before the industry and government. These initiatives will significantly contribute to this vision of empowering patients and carers.
To see glimpses of the International Patients’ Union Conference 2024, visit:
You may watch the discussions and deliberations of the Conference that was broadcast live on YouTube here:

Please help us spread the word about the new features of the Patients Union app. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we encourage you to share your thoughts and suggestions for further improvements. Together, we can continue to make strides in empowering patients and transforming healthcare, and by the end of 2024, we should be the largest community of patients in India.

Thank you once again for your dedication and commitment. We look forward to your continued support and to making a difference in the lives of patients around the globe.
Let’s Transform Healthcare together.

Dr. Rajendra Pratap Gupta
International Patients’ Union &
Former Advisor to the Union Health Minister
Government of India.


Quotes by esteemed delegates and speakers at IPUC

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Issues of equity & access can certainly be addressed through the Patients’ Union App.

Dr. Pem Namgyal

Programme Director

World Health Organization - SEARO

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